You sip an espresso take a look at your calendar and get prepared for the day’s task. You check your email to look for something urgent that is urgent, and then you notice it. Google has advised the user that their Merchant Center account has been shut down. What happens next? Then, all your plans for the day has gone out the out of the window.

However, Google Merchant Center accounts can be suspended without notice. Google does not provide a thorough explanation of the reason your account or product was flagged. Moreover, calling Google support is an unreliable process that does not provide any quick answers. We’ll help you solve one of the biggest and most annoying Google Merchant Center violations, the ” Misrepresentation of self or product” message.

You might see something similar to the following in GMC notifications or you may receive an email that reads: ” Account suspended because of policy violations False representation of self or product (Untrustworthy promotional offers).”

There are a variety of reasons why sellers could be affected by this message. We’ve dealt with problems like this a number of times and have observed that the solutions aren’t always identical for every seller So we hope these suggestions will assist you in getting back on path. The best method to deal with these issues is to stop these issues from occurring initially by implementing active feed control.

“Misrepresentation of self or the product (Untrustworthy promotional messages)”

This is an Google Merchant Center warning that can lead to account suspension. If you’re subjected to the “Untrustworthy advertising” violation, please be aware that Google states that this is a result of your company “Concealing or misstating information regarding the product or business.”

To solve this problem We have some suggestions that could assist.

  • Examine the issue. First, look for clues within any messages you’ve received through Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center. Google does not usually provide a full explanation in advance of what triggers the violation, but you must still determine if they have any specific advice on what caused them to mark your account.
  • Check that the checkout procedure is secured. Google says, “To ensure your customers’ safety you’ll require an encrypted checkout procedure that is protected by an authentic SSL certificate. Particularly, you’ll need to ensure the security of payment processing, transaction processing, as well as the processing of any personally identifiable information (such as email addresses, names physical address, details about payment).” In the event that your purchase doesn’t comply with Google’s standards and requirements, it could likely result in account suspension. You might need to locate an organization that can assist you test your penetration. We’ve seen a few merchants overcome this problem by locating the right company who specializes in securing credit card information for hosting their credit card sites for them.
  • Examine your website and make sure that your contact information is current. On your site, providing the number for customer service or email address, the contact page, address and hours of operation can assist in solving this problem. Google will need to confirm that your business is legitimate and that your customers are able to reach you in order to solve any problems.
  • Verify that your information is current in the Google Merchant Center. In the Merchant Center, check to check if your telephone number, address for business, and other information about your contact are accurate , and whether there are any errors. These information on the details of your Merchant Center account need to match those on your site, because Google is also looking to make sure that you’re who you claim to be. A minor error could trigger Google to report your account to Google. It is important to ensure that you’re using a legally registered business name on the Merchant Center.
  • Make sure that you correct any errors on the feed. Make sure that the sale prices and prices you have in your feed are comparable to the prices customers can see when they the checkout. Check that your GTINs and SKUs on your feed correspond to the products you display on your site.
  • Check your products for anything that could be flagged. Take any products off your feeds that might be flagged as violating Google’s rules. For instance, if you offer hunting gear You may want to remove certain accessories from your feed in the event that Google considers them to be dangerous firearms.
  • You can contact Google Support by emailing them via their Google Merchant Center. They usually will respond in 48 hours. You might be able to file an appeal or request more information from the help desk regarding your particular violation.

“Misrepresentation of self or product (Omission of relevant statistics)”

If you get keep of this message, you will be presenting inadequate product information, or you will be missing important statistics to your net website online. What have to you do?

  • Check your pricing. Make certain you’re providing correct pricing, which incorporates disclosing any extra taxes or transport fees. You can offer this records for your Merchant Center settings, or you can provide this facts to your product feed. Make positive that the expenses to your product feed in shape the prices on your net web page as nicely.
  • Turn on Automatic Item Updates. If you are having hassle updating the fees or availability, or can not export a dynamic facts feed, you could prompt Automatic Item Updates withinside the Merchant Center. Beware that this can reason Google to recrawl your internet web page. We’ve typically visible that it takes Google spherical 3 days to finish the move slowly, so this isn’t always a splendid lengthy-term answer if your product facts modifications regularly. If the information in your net web page don’t in shape the information for your product feed for too numerous your items, your account can get suspended.
  • Make certain that your product URLs are pointing to the precise products. For example, if you are selling a bed in specific sizes (Twin, Full, Queen) on your internet website online, however all of the versions of the mattress have a URL that ends in the Twin length, Google is probably studying the wrong charge on your Full and Queen period products. Make positive that your mounted data markup is accurate— your product net page should be tagged successfully just so Google can take a look at the charge and availability for every object. Google recommends the usage of to markup your internet internet page.
  • Make sure your purchaser is privy to precisely what they’re shopping. If you’re promoting boxing gloves and you don’t sell them as a pair, you have to genuinely imply that the presenting is handiest for a single boxing glove. Okay, that’s a stupid example, but you get the point.
  • Clearly display relevant facts in your website. Make certain that your refund or returns coverage is up to date, very well explained, and prominently displayed to your internet web page. If you’re selling merchandise that advantage charitable or political agencies, make sure to encompass the charity or tax exemption amount and if your profits are tax-deductible, make certain this is additionally in reality disclosed for your net web page.

“Misrepresentation of self or product (Unavailable promotions)”

You can get keep of this message in case you are selling products which can be out of stock, or if the costs to your commercials don’t fit the fees on your net site.

  • Make positive which you are updating the deliver for your products. If an item in your net site is out of inventory, however you are though presenting the object to clients for your classified ads, you could get flagged.
  • If you are a multichannel seller, you can need to apply an stock threshold to save you your products from overselling. For example, if you sell products on Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart, you can use an stock threshold to account for any lag time amongst inventory quantity updates at some point of your numerous channels. At Feedonomics, we frequently have a look at stock pointers through our platform.
  • An inventory rule may additionally need to feature like this:
    IF the inventory quantity drops underneath 3 for a selected SKU,
    THEN list the SKU as “out of inventory” on Amazon and Walmart.
  • Make certain that your set up statistics is accurate in your product net page. Google recommends the usage of the Rich Results Test to view the markup in your web web page and efficaciously tag the costs and availability. It’s viable that Google is only reading your ordinary fees from the internet web web page, regardless of the fact that you’re showing sale charges for your classified ads. This may additionally want to purpose Google to flag your object, because of the reality the charge that Google reads from the product web web page on your internet site does now not in shape the price which you are displaying on your product feed.
  • Avoid mismatched price values in Google Merchant Center. We have determined that a few investors revel in issues when they code their internet website online schema with JavaScript. Similarly, updating the charges at the product touchdown pages with JavaScript may additionally want to reason Google to misread them. Google recommends that sellers must time table everyday feed uploads or updates thru the Content API proper now after merchandise were up to date to your net website online.

    “Misrepresentation of self or product (Misleading or unrealistic promotions)”

This message is usually a cease end result of the claims you’re making approximately your product. Google defines “faux claims” as “claims that lure the character with an fantastic end end result (although this cease end result is feasible) because the likely very last results that a person can assume, or making claims which can be demonstrably fake and could appreciably undermine participation or believe in an electoral or democratic procedure.”

What is taken into consideration “incredible” is normally as much as Google’s discretion. However, there are sure key terms that Google does now no longer permit through way of way of category, so the usage of them can bring about automated object disapprovals.

  • Review your product descriptions. Start through manner of method of scanning your product descriptions for something that might be a banned key-word or declare. At Feedonomics, we can use our platform to take away a list of over four,000 key phrases that Google Shopping doesn’t allow.
  • Avoid overly embellishing your product’s benefits. Don’t declare to have any miracle treatment plans or guarantee results that don’t align collectively along with your product category. For instance, Google will permit some weight reduction claims for weight-reduction plan packages or exercising device, but you couldn’t make the ones identical weight loss claims if you are promoting nail polish. Listings that promote And do not forget, if you are making sure effects, then you clearly need a clean cross returned and refund insurance for your internet web page.
  • Avoid language that insinuates affiliation with groups or organizations you are not a issue of. Don’t claim to be a licensed or certified commercial organization if you aren’t, and don’t faux to be affiliated or advocated via manner of manner of an entity or company if it’s now not actual.
  • Avoid probable risky content material. Including risky fitness claims or records that contradicts authoritative medical consensus are strictly prohibited.